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Roberts Filter Group

UK Launch for Water Treatment Filtration Equipment


Source: Roberts Filter Group

GB Filters is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Roberts’ water treatment filtration equipment in the UK. The Roberts Filter Group is the largest manufacturer of municipal and industrial filtration systems in the US, and GB Filters says a tremendous opportunity now exists to employ these technologies in the UK water sector.

The product range is suitable for both potable and waste applications and includes amongst others the Trilateral™ air/water underdrain system; the Infinity™ underdrain system; the Aries® managed air scour system; and the Dynamic Probe™. The filter underdrain systems are suitable for new filter schemes as well as refurbishments and are an effective alternative to nozzle and lateral underdrains.

The Aries® and Dynamic Probe™ can be installed in rapid gravity filters without the need for media removal which can significantly save on installation costs, particularly where conversion to collapsed pulse (combined air scour backwash) is being considered.

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