Ultra-Compact solutions in the form of gas manifolds


Source: Axetris Ag

Flow control for laboratory-scale bioreactors and fermentors often requires compact solutions to save space, while delivering high flow control performance. Axetris gas manifolds are the perfect solution.

Axetris offers gas manifold solutions in the form of flow mixers (N:1) or flow splitters (1:N), whereby a number of flow channels are combined on a single flow plate to save space and offer an ultra-compact solution. Standard configurations use 3-channel or 4-channel integration.

The gas manifolds are based on standard Axetris MFC products, so the customer can rest assured of achieving extremely high accuracy, repeatability and response time, which are common advantages of the Axetris mass flow technology.

The most common communication standards – analog (0-5V or 4-20 mA) and digital (RS232 or RS485) – are supported.

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