Ultrasonic Flow Metering vs. part filled EMF


Source: NIVUS GmbH

Flow metering systems for part filled pipes and channels are meanwhile available on the market for many decades. The most popular ones among these systems were the Venturi systems which, however, were pushed out of the market by electronic systems back in the eighties. Nowadays the Venturis are virtually meaningless.

Starting in the early nineties, the Doppler systems dominating the market then were supported by magnetic-inductive units for partial filling by launched renowned manufacturers. Unfortunately, such metering systems equipped with electrodes revealed shortcomings once being operated in dirty areas or in the wastewater field. For some time now this is leading to the gradual disappearance of the few manufacturers of EMFs for part filled applications. Moreover, there is a steady drop in the number of applications being initially equipped with such measurement systems.

For many years now, NIVUS provide two different measurement methods operating without electrodes as alternatives to EMFs in part filled applications. In contrast to an EMF such systems are absolutely zero point stable, drift-free und and the measurement dynamics in terms of minimum filling level and flow velocity are significantly higher.

The cost-efficient, ultrasound-based Type OCM Doppler system has proven for many decades and covers the full range of measurement and control tasks of common applications.

Providing the ultrasonic cross correlation technology, NIVUS for 17 years now offer another appropriate measurement method which meets the highest standards.  Our NivuFlow 750 instrument series utilises the latest scientific hydraulic models for the most accurate determination of flow rates possible and features quick and easy commissioning procedures.

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