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Ultrasound used successfully in Swimming Pool in Dubai


Where other companies were unsuccessful in eliminating “water boatman” and “backswimmer”, Hydro BioScience ultrasound products allow the swimming pool to re-open.

  • Location: Green Community Phase 3 Swimming Pool, Dubai, UAE
  • Client: Properties Investment LLC

The client approached the SonicSolutions Algae Control Dubai Distributor, BBCON, after they tried solutions with other companies who failed in eliminating “water boatman” and “backswimmer”.

The swimming pool was closed for more than 10 days. They tried by emptying the pool, cleaned thoroughly, refilled, did chlorination, etc.

But still they couldn’t eliminate these bugs.

Neilson James of BBCON reached out to SonicSolutions Algae Control’s CTO, George Hutchinson and followed the instructions he was able to provide on preparing the swimming pool to be preventative of the bugs returning.

They installed one Mezzo-DB™ ultrasound unit at the corner of the pool and waited for a day.

The next day, less than 10 “Boatman” bugs were found in the pool. Gradually the bugs disappeared and the pool opened after 3 days of the Mezzo-DB™ ultrasound unit installation.

Results: By removing and preventing the biofilm in the pool, the Mezzo-DB™ ultrasound unit removed the food source for the bugs.

And tenants started enjoying the swimming pool again!

Biofilm is that slimy, usually clear substance found on hard surfaces sitting in water. It can be found in swimming pools, on the sides of basin and tank walls, or on the bottom of boats. How biofilm is formed, and therefore prevented, is a complicated process, but once ultrasound is introduced, the results are remarkable.

Ultrasound used successfully in Swimming Pool in Dubai

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