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Underground water detector 2020 Omega

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Best underground water detector Omega

Omega groundwater detector with 3 advanced systems for locating and detecting underground water sites up to a depth of 500 meters and a front search distance of 2850m.

Omega Water Detector is the world’s first geological sensor for groundwater detection and positioning.

If you are a farmer and are looking for a detector with accurate detailed results for the type and depth of water. Omega gives you the best solution to eliminate water scarcity and random drilling problems in search of their place, which saves a lot of trouble and fatigue.

Omega water detector is equipped with the latest advanced systems and high levels of technology to enable it to detect and locate groundwater presence with great accuracy. Omega water detector has high-capacity functions and means that enable the user to complete the process of water exploration with less time and effort.

Omega water detector works with 3 advanced systems

  • Long Range Search System (manual)
  • Long Range Search System (Automatic)
  • Geophysical research system