Unique opportunity to own a ready built Plasma Metal Recovery System


Source: Tetronics (International) Limited

We are offering for sale a previously used Plasma Metal Recovery System (PMRS).  The equipment is specified for the treatment of 5 tonnes per day (1,500 tonnes per annum) of cordierite based autocatalyst but can treat similar catalysts of differing substrate chemistry, to recover the Precious Metals (PMs) including Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) as a collector metal alloy for subsequent final refining by other methods.  The design basis for the system is de-canned cordierite based autocatalyst, with up to 2.5 % silicon carbide (SiC) diesel particulate filter (DPF) contamination.

Tetronics have extensive experience going back over 50 years in the development of advanced clean environmental processes for a range of industrial waste and secondary metallurgical streams including precious metal recovery. Tetronics’ Plasma Metal Recovery System (PMRS) enables high rates of material assimilation into the melt, higher intensity of operation, high technical recovery efficiency and flexibility of operation.

  • Produces relatively low volumes of low viscosity slag at operating temperature range of 1300 – 1600 °C.
  • Uses iron as a solvent collector metal; because of the solubility of PMs in this metal and ease of subsequent final refining.
  • High Intensity, efficient and rapid melting of powdered feeds and small particles without the requirement for pre-agglomeration or briquetting, which aligns with sampling and assay requirements of the PM industry.
  • Plug flow process operation with the continuous separation and discharge of the clean slag phase, generated from the catalyst waste substrate and wash coat, and intermittent tapping of the PM – rich collector metal alloy.
  • Quiescent furnace operation with engineered material residence times for settling and therefore good PM technical recoveries which enable sealing of the furnace against possible fugitive emissions.
  • Good refractory performance with an inherently safe composite thermal design – refractory lining is replaced periodically to recover PM values.
  • Ability to closely control the process chemistry independently of the electrical power input and therefore achieve both tight metallurgical and environmental control.
  • Production of an inert slag product with the potential to be employed in the construction industry as an aggregate, subject to domestic qualification.
  • Filtration minimises PM loss enabling recycling of PM contained within the fly ash.

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