Upcoming EnviroInsite Training Workshop


Source: EI LLC

We invite you to join us at this workshop on fundamentals of EnviroInsite to be taught by EnviroInsite's developer, Bruce Jacobs.

Where:  Mahwah, New Jersey
When:   July 25 and 26, 2016

 $99  for early birds that register before July 1
 $250 for everyone else



Explore the methods used in 2d and 3d interpolation and contours. Topics to be covered include selection of interpolation methods and contouring options that allow you to best represent the underlying measured data field and evaluation of enclosed plume volume and mass.

Geologic Modeling

Discover how to model complex hydrogeologic conditions using fence diagram on both x-sections and 3d. Topics to be covered include interpolation methods, unique data entry constraints, and method for user modification of the generated model.


Learn how to create Piper Diagrams, Stiff Diagrams, Durov Plots, Schoeller Diagrams and Scatter Diagrams to explore your site's hydrogeochemical conditions. Topics to be covered include how these plots help you to understand groundwater transport, what equivalent weights are and how to set them, customization features unique to EnviroInsite, and plotting of page-based and geographically distributed Stiff Diagrams.

Boring Logs

Master the design and plotting of boring logs in EnviroInsite. Topics to be covered include the special data needs of boring logs, specification of custom data fields, plotting of text, symbol, and charts in the downhole space, and using the standard templates that come with EnviroInsite.

Email info@enviroinsite.com for more information.

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