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A few minor updates have been published. This includes the access rights pages, exceptions handling and a few other items.

The following updates have been published:

  • A new filter have been added to the Configuration > User page. Please note that the filter is set to only show active users by default.
  • Mark All radio buttons have been added to the Configuration > User Group Bulk Update page.
  • The export to excel feature have been updated to include sub-tables in a more Excel friendly format
  •  The 'External Reference' column for the streams have been extended to 100 characters
  • Bugfixes:
    • A few fixes on the  'Log for all entries' feature have been published.
    • A bug in accidental discharges has been fixed.
    • EEMS Use of Drilling Fluids and Cuttings - need <chemicalPermitReference>, plus there have been other changes in the seciont-elements. Fixed.
    • Better exception handling for the analysis pages for produced water
    • Last errors on submit for EEMS have been fixed.
    • Deleting installation leaves user access rights to non existing installation. Fixed.
    • Better feedback for duplicate entries under chemicals
  • Several internal modifications for better project handling were also published.

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