US Army Corps of Engineers highlights Dakota products


Source: Dakota Technologies, Inc.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is investigating two Aleutian Islands for contaminants left over from World War II... and to do it they are using two Dakota products/services, UVOST and Darts.

Instead of digging holes to get soil samples to test for petroleum, they'll use a UV Optical Screening Tool. It uses a UV laser to take instantaneous readings of the soil.

'Special plastic poles, called darts, will be driven into the ground and over a week or so they absorb any contaminants. Looking at them with black lights shows if petroleum is in the soil. Sending them to a lab can show PCBs and tell how far down they go. It's an easier way to get a larger, deeper sample of the area', Ragle said, 'but that's innovative, it hasn't bee tried. We're just trying to make things simpler and more cost effective.'

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