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US Nuclear Doing Well And Positioned For Growth


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Los Angeles, CA. --

US Nuclear Corp. (OTCBB: UCLE), developer of a wide range of award-winning radiation monitors, has been working aggressively and continuing to improve the company’s existing product line while also bringing new, innovative products to market.  As such, the company has positioned itself for growth in both the existing business line and for emerging opportunities. The vision of US Nuclear is aimed at providing user-friendly products that are reliable, cost-effective, and specialized and inherently difficult enough to build that there is a significant barrier to entry for competitors. US Nuclear’s four main sources of revenue are:

Tritium Monitoring

US Nuclear’s subsidiary, Overhoff Technology Corporation, is the premier supplier of tritium monitoring instrumentation in the world, and is presently the only firm within the United States specializing in manufacturing tritium monitors. Overhoff’s tritium monitors are essential in any situation where tritium is to be used or is present (biomedical, tritium processing facilities, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, water treatment/groundwater monitoring, and more), and provide an early-warning alarm to protect both the user and the public from tritium exposure. Overhoff has gained a world-wide reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality tritium monitors, and with continual product improvements and new product releases, such as the Model 593 which is 100x more sensitive than traditional models, US Nuclear will continue to capture increasing market share in the coming months and years ahead.

Nuclear Power

One of US Nuclear’s other specialties is providing equipment for nuclear power plants.  In particular, US Nuclear has recently provided a substantial quantity of Model CAM-33 PING (particulate, iodine, and noble gas monitors) monitors to Nuclear Power Plants across the world. The recent demand and popularity of this item is due to the cost-effective price and performance that is unrivaled on the current market.  PING monitors are located at every nuclear power facility, and monitor the facility air for the three main types of radiation present to provide an early-warning alarm for the workers to evacuate should an alarm be triggered.

Hospital/Medical/Public Health and Safety

US Nuclear offers a wide array of equipment for hospital/medical facilities that allow for the safe use of radioactive material and tests. As popularity and availability of these tests and procedures continue to grow, so will US Nuclear’s capability to offer products suited to protect both the patient and technician. These products include: survey and surface meters, hallway and exit portal monitors, x-ray monitors, cyclotron and PET monitors, and radioactive gas monitors (for iodine, thyroid and lung tests). Along with these existing products, US Nuclear is also moving steadily forward with the previously announced MIFTEC partnership, wherein US Nuclear will manufacture and sell medical isotope generators and compliment these sales with their hospital/medical radiation safety product line.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Security Agencies

US Nuclear has routinely sold products to the US armed forces. The Model 200SB, manufactured by Overhoff, is the standard tritium monitor used by both the US and NATO nuclear arsenals. In addition, the Model CP-MU and FM-9NGAS are used as part of the non-proliferation program.

With an international sales team in place and the continuing emergence of high-quality products that are able to meet the sensitive needs of nuclear, industrial, government, and medical facilities around the world, US Nuclear will continue to propel to the forefront of the radiation detection market.

The radiation detection, monitoring, and safety market was valued at USD 1.65 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 2.26 billion by 2022 ( The global nuclear medicine radioisotope market was valued at USD 13.9 billion in 2017 and is expected to register a CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period of 2018-2023 (

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