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US Peroxide Eliminates Sioux City Wastewater Odor


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July 17, 2013 -- SIOUX CITY -- The odors emanating from the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant and lift stations should not emit much odor at all after chemicals are added to the system next month.

On Monday, the City Council awarded a $209,000 contract to US Peroxide, of Atlanta, to treat the sewage.

'The detectable odors should go down 100 percent,' Public Works Director Jade Dundas told the council. 'There may be some side stream lines that need treatment. ... We will treat where the source of the odors come from.'

The contract is one part of the city's effort to reduce sewer smells, which includes a $70 million remodeling of the treatment plant and a new odor control law that will regulate industries. The law will require council approval at a future date.

The one-year contract with US Peroxide calls for a one-time expense of $9,000 for the contractor to add two double-walled tanks to hold the chemicals and install lines to feed the mixture to the treatment plant, at 3100 S. Lewis Blvd. The Floyd and Perry Creek lift stations also will be fed chemicals to reduce offensive odors.

The goal is to reduce the odors along the Interstate 29 corridor from Riverside south to the treatment plant.

Dundas said the contract calls for no more than $200,000 a year to be spent on the chemicals, which will be fed into the system around the clock. US Peroxide will use computers to regulate and monitor the amount of hydrogen peroxide and iron chloride being fed into the system.

City officials will monitor the program to make sure it is working correctly.

The city currently spends $125,000 on odor control measures a year, Councilman Keith Radig noted. The additional $75,000 will come out of a fund paid for through sewer user fees.


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