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USEPA Approval for Ecotech’s High Volume Air Sampler


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The US EPA has announced the designation of Ecotech’s HVS3000 High Volume Air Sampler as a new reference method for measuring concentrations of PM10 in the ambient air. The designation is made under the provisions of 40 CFR part 53, as amended on July 18, 1997 (62 FR 38764). The newly designated reference method is identified as follows: RFPS–0706–162, Ecotech Pty. Ltd. Model 3000 PM10 High Volume Air Sampler, configured with the Ecotech PM10 Size-Selective Inlet (SSI) (P–ECO–HVS3000–02), with the flow rate set to 1.13 m3/min (67.8 m3/hr.

Ecotech has been a manufacturer of High Volume Air Samplers for the past 20 years but this is our first sampler to be designated a reference method by the USEPA.

The HVS3000 is microprocessor based and features internal data logging of various parameters. It features a flexible sampling platform for PM10, PM2.5 or TSP particulate and for monitoring of basic meteorological parameters. A facility to monitor wind speed and direction, using an optional external wind sensor is available, wind speed and direction data is averaged and stored in internal memory, and may be used as triggers for conditional. On board ambient temperature and ambient pressure sensors are used to automatically maintain a constant volumetric flow-rate, through a standard cassette mounted filter.

A time clock and programmable timer enabling multiple time based sampling programs to be configured. The internal data logger stores time based data averages at user selectable intervals. The data includes date and time stamp, flow-rate, total sample volume, average temperature, barometric pressure, and either wind speed and wind direction or rain-fall information. Data values stored in the HiVol may be downloaded via the RS-232C Serial port via laptop computer or optional modem/GSM.

The HVS3000 uses a variable speed drive to run its induction motor and blower ensuring that the blower only operates at the required speed to maintain the required flow rate. Combined with the brushless blower design this ensures an extremely long life with virtually no maintenance required.

The HVS3000 is extremely quiet allowing it to be used in residential sampling locations to assess human exposure to particulate matter, and is housed in a rugged enclosure for sampling in a range of outdoor environments.

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