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USEPA Approval received for Ecotech’s Trace Precursor Analysers


Source: American Innovations (AI)

Ecotech is pleased to announce that we have received USEPA Equivalent Method Approval for our range of trace Precursor Analysers as follows: EC9830T Carbon Monoxide Trace Precursor Analyser (RFCA-0992-088), EC9841T Oxides of Nitrogen Trace Precursor Analyser (RFNA-1292-090) and EC9850T Trace Precursor Sulfur Dioxide Analyser (EQSA-0193-092).

Ecotech also has USEPA approval for our standard range of ambient analysers for the measurement of O3, CO, Nox and SO2. In addition to these, analysers for CO2, TRS, H2S, NH3, NOY and Hg are also available.

All of the EC9800 analysers feature internal data logging using Flash ROM, USB and RS232 connectivity and the option to have their performance and data scrutinised over an internet connection.

All of these analysers include menu driven large alphanumeric and graphical display which provide a complete display of gas measurements, instrument status and setup parameters. Graphical trending of the various parameters is also available for display and for diagnostic evaluation.

The gas concentration measurements are automatically corrected for gas temperature/pressure changes and are displayed in units of ppb, ppm, ug/3 or mg/m3. The EC9800 analysers can be programmed with regional temperature values for STP. Each instrument includes an event log which provide records of the last 100 significant calibrations, alarms, faults, or maintenance events complete with time and date stamp.

The analysers can be remotely controlled and gas concentrations monitored using their multidrop RS232, USB or RJ45 data link and a modem and phone lines.

All EC9800 analysers feature a Kalman digital filter which continuously provides the best compromise between response time and noise reduction. This ensures that when measurement concentrations are fluctuating quickly that the analyser responds rapidly to these changes, however when concentrations are constant the analyser decreases the response time to ensure highly accurate readings with very low noise.

All parts used in the EC9800 range of analysers are backward compatible with the earlier ML9800 analysers enabling customers to upgrade old analysers to have the latest features of the EC9800 analysers.

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