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Vacuum Sweeper Hako Hamster 800


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Especially for dust-free cleaning of small to medium-sized areas, Hako is now presenting the Hako Hamster 800. The manually-operated vacuum sweeper has been designed with a robust all-steel chassis and the high sweeping performance for use in the commercial area and by service providers. The equipment features, which can already be classed as luxurious, thereby ensure relaxed, comfortable and safe work.

The Hako Hamster 800 is available both with a combustion engine as well as electro drive. Thus the small vacuum sweeper can cope with gradients of up to 12 % effortlessly, without the operator having to exert himself. The E version is equipped with a handy on-board charger, so that the battery can be charged everywhere – without a separate battery charger having to be taken to the application and without cables, which get in the way, being necessary. Safe stopping is also part of effortless driving: to ensure this the Hako Hamster 800  is equipped with a parking brake, which also ensures comfortable handling of the vacuum sweeper even on slopes. It releases automatically, as soon as the drive mode is activated.

Main broom and the large side brush are suited to one another, so that dirt is swept up cleanly even when negotiating corners, thanks to the generous brush overlap. In the Hako Hamster 800, like its large brothers from the Hako Jonas series, the handy Take-It-Easy concept is also used: the swept debris is collected in two containers, which are simply removed from the machine at the rear for emptying and, for example, emptied into a rubbish bin. Thanks to the two individual hoppers the weight to be handled remains low, even when the containers are full – that protects the back. The operating handle bar, which is height adjustable to adapt to body size and which can be swivelled to the front when emptying the dirt hopper, thereby allows free and easy access to the containers – all without contortions.

Larger debris can also be collected via a large debris flap – which saves manual work. An effective filter system with a long life ensures dust-free work; a filter shaker system restores the filter performance quickly and safely.

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