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Vacuum Sweeper Hako-Jonas 1500


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Hako has developed the Hako-Jonas 1500 especially for industrial use under tough, heavy-duty application conditions. Thanks to the robust design and construction, powerful motors, an efficient sweeping unit and the efficient filter system, the ride-on vacuum sweeper offers a high degree of reliability and durability even in tough applications. There is a choice of various drive systems and the simple operation make the Hako-Jonas 1500 a highly economical machine, which can be used universally, suitable for every industrial sweeping task.

The Hako-Jonas 1500 is designed for a maximum area performance of 16,200 m²/h (with two side brushes). The overhead throw sweeping principle ensures that the 250 litre dirt hopper volume is used completely. So that the sweeping performance is good consistently over the complete life of the cylindrical brush, the
Hako-Jonas 1500 has the ABBA (automatic container-brush adaption) system to compensate for wear and tear:

In the process the hopper lead edge follows the adjustment of the main broom. A further handy detail is the throw-in flap, through which coarse rubbish and litter such as plastic film or tape can simply be thrown into the dirt hopper by hand – it does not have to be opened especially; thus dust does not escape. The hopper is emptied via a hydraulic high dump; the maximum emptying height is 1.52 metres.

The used air filter system is also designed for long and efficient use. The plate filter is particularly large in size with a filter area of 7.5 m²; the vacuum blower delivers a constant suction power even with the filter becoming increasingly dirty, so that the filter life can be made use of to its maximum. Filter cleaning is carried out via the automated R²S resonance filter shaker system.

There are also three drive versions available for the Hako-Jonas 1500: for indoor applications the emission-free battery drive, for combined applications indoors and outdoors a 3 cylinder petrol or LPG engine with a power output / capacity of 15 kW. And finally the 3 cylinder diesel engine (which can be equipped with a particulate filter upon request), makes particularly economical operating costs possible. With the combustion engines the Hako-Jonas 1500 can negotiate and climb gradients of up to 18% effortlessly; with electro drive the climbing ability still lies at 16%.

The workplace of the Hako-Jonas 1500 can be reached easily from both sides. Unhindered the driver has a clear view of both side brushes (2nd side brush available as an option). A driver’s protective overhead guard as well as a heated full cab are available as an option – this means that the driver has a comfortable workplace no matter what the weather. The operating concept is particularly simple – with only one button the complete sweeping function can be switched on or off respectively. Furthermore the control programme can be adapted without problem to suit individual requirements.

In the development of the Hako-Jonas 1500 the focus was on durability and ensuring the machine is repair-friendly: the outer steel framework is forgiving if involved in collisions; all steel parts are protected by particularly durable 2 layered paintwork. The large-size elastic tyres not only allow the machine to drive over obstacles reliably but are also puncture-proof (other types of tyre are available as an option). If, however, a fault or malfunction should occur, the intelligent diagnostic system ensures that faults can be analysed and rectified quickly. The complete operating platform can be opened up for maintenance work – thus all important components can be reached quickly.

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