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Vaisala's reference radiosonde for climate change measurement entered a prototype phase


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(Atlanta, GA, USA, January 18, 2010) As a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement and a pioneer in its field, Vaisala is committed to research on climate change by providing the best possible measurement tools and leading competence.

In response to demand from the international scientific community, Vaisala is developing a reference radiosonde, an important instrument to measure climate change.

A prototype version of the reference sonde is now available. The instrument is based on Vaisala RS92 radiosonde sensors and DRYCAP@Frostpoint Sensor VRF100, which is capable of measuring extremely low humidity levels.

In its first sounding tests, Vaisala's reference sonde has received very encouraging results. The measurement accuracy and repeatability of the instrument were at a high level when verified against the results of the cryogenic frostpont hygrometer (CFH), currently considered one of the most accurate measurements for upper atmospheric humidity measurements.

The current reference grade instruments are challenging to operate due to their high price and complexity for routine use. The benefits of Vaisala's reference sonde compared to the current measurements include ease of use and cost efficiency, thus enabling more frequent climatological soundings.

Vaisala, together with its research partners, is continuing field testing of the reference radio sonde in 2010. In parallel with field testing, the program is also proceeding to develop and test more precise measurements for other atmospheric parameters. Development will continue until the climate science needs, including lower tropospheric requirements, are satisfied for humidity, temperature, pressure and wind soundings.

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