Valtra T173 HiTech praised in Profi long-term test


Farm machinery magazine Profi tested the T173 HiTech at a contracting business over the course of 18 months. The tractor clocked up 1300 hours and earned considerable praise for reliability, strength and ease-of-use.

Never before has a long-term test tractor logged so few repairs as this 132kW/180hp Valtra T173, which clocked more than 1,300 hours working at a contracting business for 1.5 years without any major hiccups. This in part is attributable to its level of specification which – although its 'HiTech' badge might suggest otherwise – is relatively simple.

Enjoying the reputation of being a sturdy and dependable tractor, the inconspicuous Finn did in fact live up to that image. The tractor was operated by a contracting business for more than a year, during which it clocked more than 1,300 hours, pulling round and square balers as well as maize trailers and halfpipe dumpers (see the workload panel). So, on the whole not exactly a stroll in the park.

During this time, the 7.4-litre engine from Agco Power (formerly Sisu) was on its best behaviour on all aspects – very quiet, powerful and above all frugal. Naturally, the Nordic powerplant needs to feed on AdBlue to comply with the emission stage IIIB standards (Tier 4 i). The SCR system with 24-litre AdBlue tank never caused any trouble during our long-term test. Excellent. The tractor's consumption was about 10 litres per hour when pulling a round baler whereas when hitched to a high-capacity maize trailer, the T173 guzzled an average of 12 litres per hour (not least courtesy of engine rpm dropping dramatically at 40km/ hr). Good stuff. 

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