VALVE WORLD 2016 — Germany International Valve Exhibition


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Chengdu, China -- Name: VALVE WORLD2016 — Germany International Valve Exhibition.

Date: Nov. 28th to Dec. 1st, 2016.

Address: Dusseldorf, Germany.

Venue: Dusseldorf International Exhibition Center.

Introduction of Exhibition:

VALVE WORLD is the only worldwide professional valve exhibition held by Dutch Valve World and its parent company KCI since 1998. The Exhibition is held every two years in Maastricht Exhibition Center, Netherlands, from November 2010, the Exhibition held in new location in Dusseldorf. The participants and visitors are mainly specialized in valve-related industries, such as shipbuilding, automotive engineering, chemical industry, power supply, marine and offshore industry, food processing, machine and plant construction etc. This year, they will still gather at this event. 

Scope of Exhibition:

1. Valves: aluminum valves, angle seat valves, backflow preventer valves, ball valves, bellows valves, butterfly valves, ceramic valves, check valves, control valves, diaphragm valves, ESD valves, closing valves, valve jacket, knife gate valves, lined valves, miscellaneous valves, non-return valves, pinch valves, plastic valves, plug valves, pressure relief valve, pressure valves, safety valves, sampling valves / sampling valves, shut-off valves, sliding gate valves, solenoid valves, stainless steel valves, hydraulic valves, manifold valves, needle valves and pneumatic valves etc.

2. The actuator and control system: drive accessories, actuators, control and instrumentation, control systems, electric actuators, hydraulic actuators, manual actuators, modulating actuators, pneumatic actuators and valves actuator sprocket etc.

3. Valve-related products: castings, couplings, fasteners, forgings, gaskets and other related products, fillers, safety shut-off devices, valve interlocks and fire jackets etc.

4. Sealants and sealing materials: sealing system, valve-related piping products bursting disc, flow measurement devices, instrumentation, steam traps, filters, fittings, engineering, CAD systems, non-destructive testing, valve testing, valve repair and testing technology, automation and service members and associations and publishers etc.

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