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Vantage Vue Helps Forecast Avalanche Danger in Himalayas


Source: Davis Instruments Corp.

When Brian Newman was hired to work as an avalanche forecasting consultant for the state government of Kashmir in the Pir Pinjal range of the Himalayas, he knew he needed a very accurate and reliable weather station.

But that weather station also had to be easy to transport and to travel with, easy to setup in difficult conditions, and able to log lots of data. Which station did he choose?

A Vantage Vue!

'I use a Davis Vantage Vue station to monitor weather at my home in the mountains of Colorado. The station showed such good performance and reliability that I was confident using the same station as a data gathering and forecasting resource in my business.'

He added WeatherLink (getting some help configuring it for his Mac from Tech Guru Eric).

Looking at the photo we get goose bumps! (Not sure if that's from pride or sympathetic cold!)

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