Vapor Intrusion seminar highlights current issues, industry trends and new technologies


Source: Regenesis

A full-day technical seminar on a timely topic, vapor intrusion, hosted by Land Science Technologies, makers of Geo-Seal™ and the Ohio EPA, drew a capacity audience of nearly 200 environmental consultants and other professionals at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio earlier this month. Vapor intrusion, the migration of vapors resulting from soil and/ or groundwater contamination into homes, buildings and other structures, is an increasingly recognized environmental and health risk, particularly in and around older cities where many industrial areas (“brownfield” sites) are slated for redevelopment.

The seminar offered a range of perspectives on vapor intrusion (VI) issues as seen by regulators,
independent consultants and other industry stakeholders, with a panel of eminent specialists providing current information on VI regulations, monitoring, management and mitigation. The seminar speakers included: Gavin Armstrong of the Ohio EPA; Blayne Hartman, Ph.D. (Hartman Environmental Geoscience); Matt Rudolph (Terracon Consulting Engineers & Scientists), Bill Frez, Ph.D. (AECOM), and Peter Grant (Land Science Technologies).

The day’s topics included an update on Ohio EPA’s VI investigation and assessment guidance; sampling
and data collection methods and the new ASTM assessment standard (ASTM E2600) for VI; using data to
navigate the regulatory process; balancing local regulatory requirements with corporate risk tolerance; risk-based site closures; recent advances in gas vapor barrier technology (Geo-Seal™); and the importance of chemical resistance in vapor barriers. Land Science Technologies promoted the event and developed the seminar in close cooperation with Ohio EPA, which granted five continuing professional development hours for certified professionals who attended.

Land Science Technologies (LST), a division of Regenesis, Inc., is dedicated to providing the engineering, environmental and real estate industries with innovative, technically sound technologies for sustainable land development. LST‘s Geo-Seal™ (patent pending), a state-of-the-art, chemically resistant composite membrane system, is quickly becoming the gas vapor barrier technology of choice for the nation’s leading environmental consulting firms.

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