VCEM 5100 Flow Monitor gains MCERTS certification


Source: Codel International Ltd

VCEM 5100 flow monitor gain QAL1 certification

CODEL International is pleased to announce that the VCEM 5100 flow monitor has successfully received MCERTS certification. The VCEM 5100 was tested by TUV Rhineland at a power station operating under Waste Incineration Directive and is certified to QAL1 of EN 15267 for use on all EU regulated stationary emissions.

The VCEM 5100 technology offers significant benefits over other types of flow measurement sensors as it can operate in stacks with hot, dusty and agressive gases. The VCEM 5100 has very low maintenance requirements and has an off line linearity tool to meet QAL 3 AST requirements

MCERTS Certification

MCERTS is the Environment Agency of England & Wales (EA) Monitoring Certification Scheme. It provides the framework for businesses to meet quality requirements. Compliance with MCERTS gives the EA confidence in the monitoring of emissions to the environment. To know more please click here.

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