Vecoplan AG presents new development: EBS high performance shredder: debut at Entsorga


Source: Vecoplan AG

  • 12.5 tonne heavy solid steel rotor with over 400 kW drive capacity produces most homogenous alternative fuel (RDF) granulate
  • On display at Entsorga 2009 as of 27 October

Machine and plant manufacturer VECOPLAN AG looks set to take the industry by storm yet again when it reveals an innovative highlight at Entsorga, the most important trade fair in the field, in Cologne. What more perfect an occasion to present the newly developed V-EBS high performance shredder to the public. The Westerwald company has a long tradition and the design of this high performance reshredder is another plume in the cap of the engineers which also sets a further milestone in research and development. After exhaustive tests the V-EBS is not only ready to enter the market, but has also met all demands made of it effortlessly in the most diverse of applications.

The requirements of the international recycling industry for a high-performance reshredder for producing alternative fuels (RDF) are clearly established and consequently fulfilled by the V-EBS.

  • High throughput.
  • Homogenous granulate with few fines and almost no excess lengths.
  • Low energy requirement.
  • Low wear costs.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High availability.

The following performance and operating characteristics of the shredder can’t fail to impress:

  • Two HiTorc synchronous electric motors with a total of 406 kW drive capacity
  • 12.5 tonne heavy solid steel rotor with high mass moment of inertia (centrifugal moment) of > 1,250 kgm2
  • High unit weight of approx. 29,000 kg
  • Low rotor speed (infinitely selectable between approx. 150 and 250 rpm)
  • Continuous, complete feeding via a load-dependent controlled chain floor
  • A rotor with the option of toothed or block blades in 4 or 6 rows
  • Two counter knives
  • A large screen surface

The tests, which ran over months, showed that the V-EBS requires very little maintenance or repairs and is exceptionally user-friendly.

  • The use of the Vecoplan-patented HiTorc drive dispenses with the need for a belt drive, hydraulic coupling, slip clutch and/or gears. This has the result that the drive requires almost no maintenance.
  • The counter knives can be multiply adjusted by the user with the body in a relaxed posture without opening the unit and when the rotor is running. They are easily accessible thanks to rollable counter knife crossbars.
  • The quadruple-mode rotor blades are robust and deal efficiently with extraneous materials; the identically constructed counter knife crossbars are screwed in and easy to replace.
  • The rotor can be replaced without dismantling the bearings and motors.
  • The screen hole edges can be used on both sides.

Irene Scheidweiler, Sales Director at Vecoplan: “Vecoplan has been active and a market leader in shredding technology worldwide for 40 years. With the new high-performance shredder we are not just showing once more what is possible with the latest technological advances. More than that, we are offering the recycling industry a shredder which is perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. Energy efficient, cost-efficient and high performance.”

Vecoplan AG is a leading manufacturer of machines and plants for the resource and recycling industry to shred, convey and process timber, biomass, plastics, paper, other recyclables and also municipal and industrial waste. Vecoplan develops and produces its systems and components and markets them for use in the timber processing and recycling industries across the globe. The company currently employs some 250 staff at its sites in Germany, Austria, the USA, Great Britain and Russia. In the 2008 financial year (2007) it achieved a consolidated turnover of € 114.7 (€ 106.2) million (acc. to IFRS, consolidated). The company is wholly owned by M.A.X. Automation AG, Düsseldorf.

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