VER+ and BlueRegistry for credible carbon offset projects


Source: TÜV SÜD AG

People, politics and business are aware that climate change is one of the leading challenges of the 21st century. With climate change on the rise in importance, not only official negotiations on current and future schemes have revived in relevance but emissions from any sort of activity or product have become an issue of general concern.

It is usually dealt with the private or corporate carbon footprint through domestic actions on energy utilization and the compensation of non-avoidable emissions via carbon offset project. TUV SUD, a leader in independent third party assessment of CDM and JI projects according to the Kyoto Protocol, offers in this context to certify carbon neutrality as well as to reliably assess Verified Emission Reductions (VER) from voluntary carbon offset projects.

Having noted a demand for clear and transparent standards for VER projects, the certification body of TUV SUD has responded with the definition of the VER + standards, which ensure full additionality while providing a flexible approach on the utilised baseline and monitoring methodology.

Furthermore, in order to provide credibility and transparency to the growing VER market, the web based industry portal www.netinform.net will be extended by the certificate database BlueRegistry. With this database TÜV SÜD creates an independent platform designed to provide background information on the origin of VER credits and to avoid double selling. Renewable electricity certificates will also be managed via this platform.

On Friday, 6 July 2007 you are invited to participate in the 'netinforum 2007 special', which will be hosted in Munich, Germany. In this one day event the criteria and procedures for the certification of VER projects will be presented in detail and the functionality of the BlueRegistry is going to be introduced.

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