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Verdant begins transition to bio-diesel


Source: Materials Recycling Week

Verdant has begun the first phase of a fleet-wide transition to bio-diesel fuels, following the upgrade of its refuse collection vehicles (RCV) in West Sussex.

The 36 vehicles, which fulfil the company’s Arun district council contract – one of the Verdant’s  largest, have already been switched to the new “GD100 bio-diesel” fuel, which is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of each vehicle using the fuel by 10%.

Biodiesel manufacturer GreenerDiesel will provide 800,000 litres a year of cooking oil-derived fuel for vehicles on Verdant’s Arun, Swale and Norwich collection and recycling routes – two authorities where the scheme is soon to be extended.

A Verdant spokesman told MRW: “Having extended the project to cover the whole Arun HGV fleet, we are considering the commercial viability of extending the use of B100 to other depots,”

The new initiative comes after a seven month testing phase in May 2009, which tested the effect of the fuel on the Euro 3 and 4 engines contained in the company’s refuse collection vehicles (RCV).

Group fleet manager Ian Coxhill said: “With such a large fleet, any operating efficiencies achieved will directly and positively contribute to reducing our operational costs and our carbon footprint.

“Carbon reduction is an increasingly important issue for local authorities, and rolling out bio-diesel across our large fleet will be highly relevant to our customers.”

Verdant begins transition to bio-diesel

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