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Verdantix announces smart vendors of Carbon Management Software


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Firms and large public sector organizations face increasing pressure from energy costs and climate change regulations to measure, manage and analyze energy and carbon dioxide emissions data. To resolve this cost and compliance challenge a new report from Verdantix, the independent business research firm, highlights ten “Smart Vendors” that offer software solutions for carbon management.

“Every year the financial costs and compliance risks associated with poor energy management and zero insight into emissions ramp up” said Verdantix Director, David Metcalfe. “The ten “Smart Vendors” we included in this detailed study offer a software solution to turbo-charge carbon management. The software companies are located in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US reflecting the global nature of the problem. We consider these firms to have a smart approach because they focus on the future, create value for customers and target climate change problems.”

In the Verdantix Report, “Smart Vendors: Carbon Management Software” the analysis identifies ten vendors targeting the carbon management opportunity. These firms converge on the market  from different heritages which include business intelligence, compliance, data management, supply chain, bespoke development and carbon accounting. The report finds that:

Environmental compliance vendors, Enviance, ESS and IHS/ESP are well-positioned to leverage their expertise in software-based compliance solutions. These US firms also have existing customers in energy and process industries. “These Smart Vendors understand the data management requirements linked to emissions permits and the need to manage compliance as a process not as a project” said Verdantix Director Metcalfe. “The environmental compliance software providers have a head start relative to firms just discovering the complexities of emissions management.”

Carbonops and Logica/CarbonSIM come to the carbon management opportunity from a consulting perspective and have already scored major successes with E.ON in the UK and Ford Motor Company respectively. “These firms leverage knowledge gained in consulting assignments and large-scale implementations to develop the functionality in their applications,” said Metcalfe. “Consulting-led approaches make sense in a market that is still waiting for details on new regulatory regimes in key markets like the US and Australia.”

With large retailers and manufacturers such as Wal-Mart, Tesco and Unilever weighing up their responsibilities for carbon emissions up and down the supply chain, the Carbon View offering from supply chain management software provider Supply Chain Consulting, is a unique tool targeted at these firms. Growing interest in embodied carbon makes carbon intensity supplier databases and supply chain carbon analysis an emerging opportunity. 

“Software visionaries expect to see a large global market for carbon management software”, Verdantix Director David Metcalfe commented. “This opportunity has attracted new ventures such as Carbonetworks in Canada, Greenstone Carbon Management in the UK and Tradeslot in Australia”. These Smart Vendors focus on accounting, reporting and analysis of energy and emissions data to help firms implement carbon reduction strategies. Business intelligence heavyweight SAS has taken a similar approach since the launch of its solution in April 2008.

Verdantix expects the costs and risks created by new regulations will drive rapid adoption of carbon management software from 2010 onwards. But economic recession and regulatory uncertainty will hold back spending in 2009. From 2011 the business case and payback from these solutions will be well-established.  

The Verdantix report, “Smart Vendors: Carbon Management Software” can be purchased online and is available to Verdantix clients.

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