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Verdigris Group Inc.

Verdigris Group introduces world’s first carbon-neutral real estate brokerage™


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Verdigris Group is a Chicago-based group of real estate-related entities that have earned a respected reputation for excellence in sustainable enterprise management consulting, green building /LEED property development and commercial & residential property brokerage.

Verdigris Group is setting the bar high for organizational sustainability and takes pride in being a leader in environmentally sustainable business practices.

This means that Verdigris Group directs all of its operations by measuring, analyzing and minimizing its organizational carbon-footprint in the effort to be a sustainable enterprise from both an environmental perspective as well as a way to guide the business toward future success.

Their newest and most innovative venture to date - Verdigris Realty - specializing in commercial and residential property marketing and sales while maintaining a focus on their triple bottom-line approach to business success: Environmental Stewardship, Social Contribution and Economic Profitability.

Verdigris Realty has been thoughtfully developed from square-one, with their community and the greater global environment in mind - this is why they operate their business with net-zero climate impact.

'As the green revolution continues to become a more prevalent subject in the real estate world, it becomes increasingly clear to us that real estate professionals must be well-versed in the new industry landscape that sustainability is creating.' said Garratt Hasenstab, Principal, LEED AP and Director of Sustainable Solutions for Verdigris Group.

He continues, 'Green property knowledge is an imperative, as are knowledgeable real estate professionals who can assist clients in negotiating the increasing number of projects and firms that are making sustainable claims.'

Verdigris Group’s brokerage professionals are not only experts in their local markets but are also trained and accredited in green building and LEED® Certification as US Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professionals.

The Verdigris Realty team of dedicated professionals work closely with developers, investors, and individual owners, tailoring unique marketing and sales programs for each project in order to achieve their specific financial and sales goals.

So How is Verdigris Realty Different Than All of the Other Property Brokers Out There?

Understanding That Today's Consumers Are Smarter Than Ever Before:
The level of our clients' sophistication is greater than ever before - you've done your homework, you know what to expect, and we learn from our clients everyday - and to be sure, we certainly don't underestimate you!

Valuation Expertise:
Have confidence in our market knowledge and valuation techniques - our clients will tell you we're the best in the business because of our proven track-record of selling at list-price and buying at significant discount.

Deep Market Knowledge:
Our job is to know our business inside-out. This is why we intensively analyze even the smallest movements
in our markets - enabling us to be the strongest possible advocate for our clients.

Technological Savvy:
Harnessing and implementing the power of the latest web-marketing, market-data research tools,
and hi-tech communications systems enable us to be highly versatile and proficient real estate professionals.

Diverse Property Experience:
Our experience managing highly complex transactions across the spectrum of property-types enables us
to skillfully and effectively guide the purchase or sale of our clients' properties from beginning to end.

Understanding of what Our Clients Want:
We find that a vast majority of our clients prefer to work with companies that are in touch with today's issues.

History of the Company:

Verdigris Group’s Founder and Managing Principal, Mr. Garratt Hasenstab long had a vision to create a real estate company that transcends the status quo and elevates market transformation in property development, brokerage and sustainable enterprise management.

His vision is that Verdigris Group accomplishes this objective through the most environmentally and socially responsible means possible, while continuing the highest level of Service Excellence for our clients.

In speaking about this new venture with relation to Verdigris Group’s organizational sustainability initiative, Mr. Hasenstab said, 'As a sustainable enterprise it is our mission to take full account of the environmental consequences of our economic activity and use resources that are renewable, non-depletionary or regenerative. By so doing, our business operations reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and increase employee productivity, all of which decrease operating costs and increase profit margins - and the positive impact our business has on our community is tangible.'

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