Verisae launches sustainability resource planning platform for distributed organizations


Source: Accruent

Verisae announces the Sustainability Resource Planning™ (“SRP”) platform to address the growing need for global organizations to optimize their corporate assets, energy usage, and carbon emissions management initiatives. Citing a lack of integrated offerings in the marketplace, Verisae continues to expand its broad suite of sustainability solutions that enable distributed organizations to establish a systematic process around sustainability.

The concept of on-demand sustainability requires organizations to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency standards are in compliance with a number of government mandates, environmental laws, and growing awareness among consumers. There are serious repercussions for organizations that do not address, comply with, and plan for sustainability trends.

“SRP is about management through measurement,” commented Paul Hepperla, Vice President of Sustainability Resource Planning. “You need to understand where you’ve been, how you’re trending, and where you’re expecting to be in near real-time as it relates to your organization’s energy, emissions, operations, waste, and water resources.”

Verisae’s SRP platform represents an integrated suite of products designed to capture detailed data across the organization, monitor & manage energy usage in near real-time, and aggregate emissions levels to the individual asset across a corporate footprint. Through greater visibility and enhanced collaboration, distributed organizations can adjust to unforeseen events and unintended consequences. The net result is to achieve actionable sustainability initiatives based on data-driven models to reduce operational costs, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and reduce the risk of the yet unknown.

About Verisae, Inc.
Verisae, Inc., ( helps measure, manage and monetize energy costs and carbon emissions. Their proven Sustainable Resource Planning™ ('SRP') solutions improve operational efficiency, make sustainability initiatives actionable, and reduce energy costs and emissions for distributed enterprises and related energy companies. They deliver a broad range of sustainability solutions to over 42 global clients with a service network of over 7,500 third-party suppliers/contractors consisting of 60,000 application users. Their integrated sustainability platform actively tracks over 2.1 million assets across 23,000 sites.

Verisae helps distributed enterprises measure, manage, and monetize energy costs and carbon emissions.

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