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Versatile Noise Meters ideal for both occupational & enviromental noise measurements


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Designed with the Safety Professional in mind

The 6 new sound level meters that make the 'Noise Quantifier' series can be effortlessly used in a wide range of noise monitoring applications both in industrial or environmental settings.

The noise meters have been designed with the Health and Safety Professional in mind:

  • Compliant with virtually all worldwide noise measurement regulations
  • Robust and practical to use – no need for lengthy training
  • Data logging and supplied with Pulsar Analyser software, making measurements into informative reports
  • Measurement ranges available: Broadband, 1:1 Octave or 1:3 Octave

 The Models 91 (Class 1) and 92 “Noise Quantifiers” (Class 2) are ideal for the risk assessment of noise levels at work providing time history and the measurement of all required parameters needed to comply with the Noise At Work regulations and EU Directive.  Simply switch the instruments on, calibrate and begin measurement. 

With 1:1 Octave Band filters for the selection of accurate hearing protection, the Models 93 (Class 1) and 94 (Class 2) are the complete solution for Noise at Work measurements.  The Models 95 (Class 1) and 96 (Class 2) are perfect for comprehensive General, Industrial and Environmental noise measurements with 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters. 

The Pulsar Analyser software can enable the user to show over 12 days of Time History Data.  This can then be used to analyse and discover specific noise sources and take the necessary action.

As per all Pulsar Instruments noise meters, a measurement kit is available to purchase, containing everything required to carry out a risk assessment in one place and easily accessible.

Pulsar’s prime objective remains to provide the end user with a noise meter that does exactly what is required to perform a fully compliant noise survey.  There is an instrument within the Pulsar Noise Quantifier range to suit most applications and budget.

Enquire how the Pulsar “Noise Quantifiers” will help with your noise measurement requirements by contacting our team on sales@pulsarinstruments.com

Visit our website to learn more about noise measurements and our noise measurement products www.pulsarinstruments.com

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