Dyacon, Inc.

Versatile Weather Station and Equipment Tripod from Dyacon

Source: Dyacon, Inc.

Dyacon has designed a portable, versatile, and easy-to-install weather station tripod specifically for remote field installations. (The tripod may also be used to support lightweight antenna systems, remote cameras, and lighting.) The tripod is a lightweight mounting tower, made of machined and welded aluminum, for temporary and/or long-term weather station equipment installation. The tripod is un-anodized so as to improve electrical grounding and minimize cost.

To facilitate accurate and stable positioning on slopes (up to 13% slope) and uneven ground, each tripod leg has an adjustable extension and a large foot. Each foot contains holes for stakes or bolts. Designed specifically for remote equipment installations, tripod assembly requires only a single wrench to adjust the guy cables. The tripod mast may be raised by feeding mast segments up from the bottom. Quick-release buttons lock each segment into place, and a stainless steel quick-release pin secures the mast in the elevated position (maximum mast height is about 17 feet). 

Leg and mast segments of the Dyacon tripod are interchangeable, allowing for reconfiguration in the field and minimizing the number of repair components required. The tripod is available in 7- and 10-leg/mast segment kits, depending on the user's needs. (The extensive range of assembly configurations is detailed in the Dyacon tripod manual.)   

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