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VeruTEK® Receives U.S. Patent for Innovative S-ISCO® Technology Creating New Market Segments in Environmental Remediation and Enhanced Oil Recovery


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BLOOMFIELD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- VeruTEK® Technologies, Inc., a leader in innovative green chemistry, recently announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Patent No. 7,976,241 B2 for its core platform, Surfactant-enhanced In Situ Chemical Oxidation (S-ISCO®). A field proven technology, S-ISCO has been implemented internationally on a broad range of sites during the past four years. This patent is the most recent USPO award of multiple pending patents relating to VeruTEK’s innovative time-released surfactant, oxidant, and catalyst technologies.

S-ISCO has enabled VeruTEK to create a new segment in the remediation industry. This technology delivers a more thorough solution than traditional chemical oxidation while avoiding the high cost, disruption and relocation of contaminants associated with excavation. S-ISCO is a chemical treatment process which uses biodegradable plant-based surfactants, in combination with oxidants and catalysts, to enhance contaminant destruction through oxidation. The S-ISCO process provides the unique benefit of releasing the source contaminant from the soil, making it easier to destroy.

In addition, S-ISCO technology enables improving oil well recovery by releasing heavy crude oil from the reservoir matrix and allowing it to flow toward the well. VeruTEK Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications include wellbore cleaning, near-field stimulation and augmented waterflood treatments.

The patent covers VeruTEK's S-ISCO process across several environmental cleanup applications including:

  • Use of surfactants and oxidants in combination for soil remediation, through simultaneous or sequential application
  • Application of S-ISCO chemistry in situ (injected into the subsurface)
  • Application of S-ISCO chemistry above ground in the process known as VeruTEK Surfactant-enhanced Ex Situ Oxidation (S-ESCO™)
  • Lab treatability studies involving the selection of surfactants and oxidants
  • Field optimization planning to develop site-specific implementation methodologies and chemistries

S-ISCO has been used to remediate sites polluted with coal tars, chlorinated solvents and a variety of petroleum products. This technology has also increased oil well productivity on multiple sites in the US. For further information, including case studies documenting successful S-ISCO remediated sites, please visit or contact Beth McAvoy at 860-242-9800, ext. 324.

“At VeruTEK we utilize our core technology platform to create innovative, unique solutions which address environmental cleanup and oil production challenges,” said, Dan Socci, Chief Executive Officer, VeruTEK. “The S-ISCO patent is the culmination of years of development effort and field experience, further extending our technology leadership”

About VeruTEK

VeruTEK® is a green chemistry company with a new, field-proven approach to addressing difficult environmental issues. The company applies a proprietary, innovative time-released surfactant, oxidant, and catalyst technology to help clients achieve safe, high performing and lower cost solutions. VeruTEK’s technology platform addresses a broad range of applications including soil/groundwater remediation and enhanced oil recovery as well as industrial cleaning products. The VeruTEK ticker symbol is VTKT.

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