Vibro vibration isolation products new project in Bulgaria



Our team at ALPHA ACOUSTIKI is proud to announce our new partnership with the prestigious Bulgarian company called Decibel Bulgaria. The last months some projects have already been successfully accomplished and the Vibration isolation products VIBRO have already gained a large market share in the Bulgarian Market.

Decibel Ltd. is a full- service, independent noise engineering, acoustics consultancy and project execution company offering comprehensive services and materials for residential buildings, specialized premises and industrial buildings and from now on they have expanded in the building vibration isolation products and studio vibration control products offering the complete Vibro product line. That includes spring mounts, rubber pads, spring hangers and rubber antivibration hangers.

One of the latest projects that they performed was a in a luxurious residential place which used floating floor technique to minimize impact noises to other apartments.

Additionally antivibration hangers were installed in the ceiling in order to isolate the vibration transmision through the structural elements.

For inquiries, anti-vibration project photos and additional information for our vibration isolation products do not hesitate to contact us at or

Our team of specialsied acoustic engineers in Bulgaria, can not only resolve building applications requiring vibration isolation products, but also mechanical, HVAC and industrial applications that require vibration control or vibration isolation products or services. Additionally acoustic studies can be carried out indicating optimum methods to reduce vibration transmission, structureborne noise and adequate selection of vibration isolation products.

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