Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. Teams With Planet Hydra, LLC to Create an Ocean-Based Waste Remediation Site and Water Desalination Vessel


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RENO, NV -- (Marketwire) -- 12/12/12 -- Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VLNX) today announced its discussions with Planet Hydra to retrofit retired ocean vessels to function as floating waste remediation sites and water desalination plants. The plan includes the installation of three (3) Arc Master I Plasma Arc Gasification Units on deck, and three (3) large water desalination units below deck. These dual purpose vessels will be capable of remediating up to fifteen (15) tons per day of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, transfer free energy from the gasification process to the water desalination units, and will then return up to 3 million gallons of clean water to shore, a potential $70M USD in gross revenues per vessel per year.

Vision Plasma Systems and Planet Hydra have identified a wide market for this specialty vessel with Arc Master I units embarked for high end resort uses, littoral coastal mining industries of Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as UN sponsored distribution to disadvantaged third world coastal communities. The projected need is for 90 Arc Master I units to be deployed in 30 vessels from 2014-2018. This represents an initial sales value to Vision Plasma Systems at $360M USD.

The Arc Master I mobile unit, the first of its kind, was designed to deploy a clean and green remediation solution to various worldwide corporations, military, government, and municipal customers. The unit is capable of converting up to 5 tons per day of hazardous wastes and other matter into syngas, net electricity, and recyclable metal ingot, without any air emissions or ash from the gasification process. Built inside two (2) ISO 40' metal containers, The Arc Master I can be easily transported by truck, rail, ship, or plane worldwide to provide a fast and mobile solution to the remediation of all forms of waste. The Arc Master I mobile unit is entirely self-powering, creating its own energy from the waste that it processes, and creating up to 240KW of usable electricity at the site.

About Vision Plasma Systems, Inc.
Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. is a designer, developer, and marketer of its proprietary mobile plasma arc gasification unit called the Arc Master I. The company is committed to providing affordable energy resource management for federal and commercial clients through sustainable and renewable energy technologies, land reclamation, products and services.

About Planet Hydra, LLC (PH)

Planet Hydra LLC (PH) was founded for the purpose of being the first sustainable mobile water treatment company to convert ocean saltwater to pure fresh drinking water by integrating reverse osmosis (RO) desalination technology and ocean-based vessels. Such a retrofitted vessel would help hurricane disaster areas such as the Caribbean and Gulf Coast USA, and Tsunami stricken areas like Japan.

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