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VisionMonitor announces the release of GHGWARE


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Houston, Texas –VisionMonitor Software, a leader and innovator in environmental risk management solutions, is releasing their new product GHGWARETM. The launch of GHGWARETM is aligned perfectly with the new formal declaration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that Greenhouse Gases (GHG) are heat trapping pollutants that endanger public health and welfare, setting in motion a process that will lead to the regulation of GHG emissions for the first time in the United States. The EPA’s decision sets the stage for federal efforts to cap carbon emissions -- at a potential cost of billions of dollars to businesses and government.

VisionMonitor’s GHGWARETM is a web-based solution that provides the business process management necessary to create and manage a corporate GHG emissions strategy. GHGWARETM enables organizations to manage their GHG emissions strategy by tracking, monitoring and predicting GHG emissions data and managing workflows associated with various protocols and reporting requirements across the enterprise. The software provides real-time, enterprise-wide data monitoring of companies’ environmental operations and delivers optimized analysis to oil and gas, refining, utility, chemical, petrochemical, mining, semiconductor, aluminum, refrigerant, LCD manufacturers and other industries. “GHGWARETM allows companies to comply with all new and upcoming regulations due to the EPA’s ruling by bringing the manufacturing operations to life with its inventory management planning features including the analysis of boundary conditions, emissions quantification, and auditing and verification,” says David Pierce, VisionMonitor’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing. The VisionMonitor GHGWARETM business process is a comprehensive, robust, and flexible role-based solution used to plan, collect, and manage enterprise-wide GHG emissions information.

“Managing GHG releases and assets requires a comprehensive framework where releases and assets can be accurately accounted for and validated. VisionMonitor’s GHGWARETM tool has been designed to help the user develop their Inventory Management Plan and maintain this framework without the need for consulting support,” states Ronald Huijsman, a Partner with Huco Consulting, EHS Management Consultants.

With today’s focus on environmental compliance, companies must manage an increasing number of compliance requirements by local, state, and federal agencies, as well as internal audit teams and customers. “Advances in technology, such as the latest release of VisionMonitor's GHGWARETM product will provide the tools needed to help industry remain competitive and to demonstrate the highest level of corporate responsibility on our ever growing environmental challenges,” notes Alan Smith, Chief Financial Officer, VisionMonitor Software.

The VisionMonitor real-time environmental risk management software platform enables enterprise-wide delivery and communication of compliance information that empowers employees with the ability to make quicker and more knowledgeable decisions. Data is automatically collected, aggregated from disparate data sources across the enterprise, logically grouped and then personalized and delivered enabling optimized analysis.

VisionMonitor’s GHGWARETM, built on the Microsoft .NET platform, brings users a familiar software experience, making it the smartest solution for businesses to deploy for their environmental risk management.
About VisionMonitor Software:

VisionMonitor Software ( is a leader in the real-time environmental risk management space, a rapidly growing area with operations, emissions and compliance management. Founded in 2001, VisionMonitor Software is privately held and based in Houston, TX.

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