Visit us during the WATEX Exhibition 2016 on 25-28 September in Tehran


Source: PLUGCO

PlugCo is the biggest manufacturer of inflatable pipe plugs, packers, pipe balloons, pipe stoppers, pneumatic plugs, rubber plugs, drain and sewer pipeline testing equipment in Turkey. PlugCo produce plugs up to 144”(DN3600) size and up to 6 Bar back pressure. All of PlugCo products suitable to test according to European Standard EN 1610. PlugCo has an efficient shipping department committed to delivering those products to your project site or warehouse as soon as possible to meet needs of industries such as energy, power generation, water, sewer and construction.

Attendees at the WATEX Exhibition will have the opportunity to meet our engineers, who have extensive experience in the substructure industry. Feel free to address sector specific questions, discuss technical solutions and ask about PlugCo’s capabilities in the substructure market.

We would like to welcome you at our stand at the WATEX Exhibition 2016, which will take place on 25th and 28th September in Tehran, Iran. You can find us at Stand 38.

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