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VISTADETECTOR : New software developed by Chromatotec


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Powerful and simple, VISTADETECTOR software allows continuous analysis and real-time display of concentrations and results.

Used as emulation graphic software, VISTADETECTOR provides remote monitoring of apparatus and display of real-time results.

VISTADETECTOR is compatible with 3 kinds of analyzers :

- Total sulfurs analyzers by FPD

- Total VOC analyzers (THC) : 1 FID

- Total hydrocarbons analyzers : 2 × FID, for simultaneous measurements of THC and CH4 with NMHC calculus.

VISTADETECTOR operates on a Windows embedded platform on either an integrated computer or an external supervisor. It is able to generate automatic diagnostic reports with over 50 error codes available.

Automatic calibration and validation of results are also possible.

Thanks to the TREND function, VISTADETECTOR offers complete traceability. It is able to monitor up to 3 analyzers at the same time and to control all processes. Substantial memory of 40 GB allows several years of data storage.

Options :

Multiple outputs

ModBUS / 4-20mA / 0-10V

Adjustable alarm thresholds

Automatic multi-stream analysis possible

Mass Flow Controller for cylinder dilution

Hydrogen generator monitored by computer

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