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VistaMS: New Chromatotec® Mass spectrometry software for continuous and online monitoring


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For complete and precise analysis of complex samples, dual Thermal-Desorber Gas Chromatograph (TDGC) equipped with two Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs) and one Mass Spectrometer (MS) is one of the most efficient analytical tool. A Chromatography Data System is vital for efficient and reliable operation of any modern on-line and continuous chromatography acquisition system.

VistaMS offers a unique solution for simple identification and quantification of molecules from complex samples and data transfer of your MS analyses. This software, included in all Chromatotec® MS systems, can intercompare and validate results obtained using multiple detectors. In ambient air systems, data from two FIDs and one MS are timestamped, saved and analyzed to provide the most reliable and precise results.

Analytical results can be easily re-processed changing all parameters of the TDGC-FID/ MS system (retention times, response factors, volume sampled, etc.). Automatic communication with NIST library allows for confirmation of identification of your complex samples. Physical parameters of the TDGC and MS as well as all analytical results can be transferred using Modbus protocol.

Key features of the VistaMS:

  • Automatic identification and quantification of molecules 
  • Auto-calibration using permeation tubes or reference cylinder (PAMS, TO15, TO14…) 
  • Inter-comparison of results with Multiple detectors 
  • FID and MS data validation • Easy re-process of all analytical results 
  • Display and transfer of results and physical parameters of TDGC and MS using Modbus protocol 
  • Results validation using NIST library 
  • Automatic restart after shutdown 

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