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Once more, farmers have expressed that a review of abstraction licenses and incentives for reservoir building should be high on the new government’s agenda, according to Easter Daily Press. Water is of course one of farming’s most vital natural resources, yet its availability is being increasingly governed by an unpredictable climate and demand from a growing population.

One of the UK’s arable heartlands, East Anglia, is also one of the driest areas in the country. Many food production businesses would fail without adequate and secure water supplies for irrigation. Paul Hammett, NFU resources specialist, said that he was expecting a government announcement following the election on how water should be fairly distributed among those who abstract it from rivers and boreholes.

Mr Hammett went on to explain how farmers might invest £250,000 in building a reservoir to only use it one year out of 10 and that the economics simply don’t ‘add up’. He also went on to explain how the current Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE), as it currently stands, might not provide funds for farmers wishing to invest in reservoirs. However, the NFU is engaged in talks with Defra to hopefully relax the rules so that farmers can access the money for such purposes.

Rainwater harvesting is still an option available to farmers and growers and Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are one such way that free and abundant rainwater can be stored for more demanding times. Enduramaxx plastic rainwater tanks are made from strong, UV-stabilised polyethylene, so rainwater is kept safely and in suitable conditions.

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