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Bethel Park, Pennsylvania– Client opts to solve VOC control issue with a thermal oxidizer system from Nacah Tech. Nacah helped secure an order for an asphalt/shingle plant with an oxidizer upgrade to treat fume laden with VOC’s. The oxidizer combusts/destroys the VOC’s at a high level (you may attain 95% to 99.99%+ Destruction Rate efficiency). Plant auxiliary fuel requirement is minimized (efficiency increased) with appropriate heat recovery design for the system and by use of instrumentation like an oxygen analyzer. System weight, footprint size, installed cost, meeting of emission goals, and handling varying VOC concentrations are key to the project. Contact Nacah to determine if this or other proven technology is best for you.

Note for Rimbach: Order received is for an asphalt plant that provides asphalt to shingle manufacturers including their own corporate plants.

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