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VRTX prevails in side by side comparison with chemicals


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By adding environmentally-friendly cooling to ASDA’s list of green goals: to reduce waste, minimise packaging nd save energy, the ASDA distribution center in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, is helping the group live up to the title of ‘Multiple Environmental Retailer of the Year.” VRTX Technologies’ installation at this distribution center is contributing to ASDA's green credentials by saving water, reducing greenhouse gases, conserving energy and eliminating chemicals.

Evaporative condensers and cooling towers are responsible for over 50 percent of the world’s non-agricultural water usage. The VRTX system enabled the evaporative condensers to recycle the water through the system up to four times, saving water, effluent, electricity and chemical costs. In addition, the cooling circuit is exceptionally clean and provides a much safer working environment.

Following an exhaustive comparison of the VRTX units against traditional chemical treatment at Lutterworth, ASDA has now installed two more VRTX units at its Wakefield Cold Distribution Centre, and has placed orders for a further four centres. In April 2008, when the units are all commissioned, ASDA will save annually over 150 tonnes of greenhouse gases, 70,000 tonnes of water, 200 MW of electricity, and will not discharge 20 tonnes of chemicals down our drains.

“We hope the success at ASDA encourages more distribution centers to save water in cooling towers and evaporative condensers,” said Mike Styne, VRTXUK Managing Director.

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