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VTD unit VacuDry® turns the balance

Source: econ industries services GmbH

Our VacuDry® technology to treat hazardous wastes, as well as contaminated soils is not only state of the art, but also extremely energy efficient. Various attempts and studies show, that no other thermal desorber type produces equally low CO2 emissions. Compared to common desorber types, econ industries’ VacuDry® technology produces less than one-fifth of carbon dioxide emissions! To treat one ton of e.g. oil contaminated soil, an ordinary desorber consumes 150 kg of diesel. VacuDry® treats the same amount by consuming only 32 kg of diesel!

1 kg diesel fuel produces 3.18 kg CO2. With common desorber technology this leads to 477 kg CO2 for each ton of input material.

With an annual throughput rate of 20,000 tons p.a. 9,540 tons CO2 are produced each year!

VacuDry® produces only 102 kg CO2 emissions per ton with similar input material, which is just one-fifth! Annualized, this leads to 2,035 tons of CO2  instead of 9,540.

CO2 emission level of a common desorber is about 5 times higher compared to a VacuDry® unit.

Less pollutants, more efficient use of energy, better solution - VacuDry® turns the balance.

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