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Walter Smith, PE, BCEE, is an expert in Air Pollution Source Sampling. He is considered the 'Grandfather of Stack Sampling'. Walter Smith has been conducting stack sampling training courses since 1969. Since leaving EPA in 1972, he has conducted and continues to conduct Source Sampling Workshops every year.

Source Sampling & CEMS Workshop Schedule
Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA Reference Methods 1-8, will lead the instruction of this workshop. The object of this 5-day seminar is for the student to understand the basics of the principles and practice of source sampling as well as to familiarize the student with the operation of stack sampling & CEMS equipment. It is targeted at those who need basic understanding of stack sampling such as environmental executives, environmental engineers, and those purchasing, observing, planning, or doing stack sampling or responsible for CEMS. The workshop will use EPA methods’ 1-5 to teach the basics and then branch out to other topics. See Agenda

This course will assist students in the review of source test and CEMS protocol and reports. The employee will develop the ability to plan, guide, evaluate, and perform source-sampling measurements to determine rates of emission from stationary sources and calibrate and audit CEMS. The course provides detailed review of EPA Methods 1 through 5 and other methods that may be encountered in the analysis of air source emissions. See Agenda

The course develops: (a) knowledge of the stack testing equipment employed, (b) understanding of why the prescribed methods are used and (c) ability to perform and evaluate the calibrations and calculations that are a part of the reference methods. Instruction will relay heavily on use of the bias concept in evaluating stack-sampling data. Students will perform calculations on actual data of methods 1 through 5.

Cost: Participants will receive comprehensive workshop manuals containing all workshop proceedings, current regulations, methods and selected published papers. The cost of the Source Sampling Workshop is $1,299. Each student will receive a workshop manual (~300 pages) and a methods notebook (~300 pages). It does not include hotel accommodations. For answers to specific questions about the course material, call Walter Smith at 919-772-7843. CEU credit is available for this workshop. Vendor cost is $400.00.


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