Waste-to-Energy in Eastern Europe” - The first WtERT Annual Meeting Europe 2010 in Brno was a great success


Over 200 participants, who attended the event in Brno or via webcam live streaming, learned a lot about WtE implementation options, WtE state of the art technology and the role of WtE in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Brno, Czech Republic – The first WtERT Annual Meeting Europe – Brno 2010 was held from Tuesday the 12th of October to Thursday the 14th of October in Brno, Czech Republic, focusing on the topic “Waste-to-Energy in Eastern Europe”.

The conference was organised by WtERT Germany together with the Czech AdMaS Centre research institution that deals with research in advanced building materials, advanced structures and mathematical modelling. The main aim of the conference was to introduce the WtERT organisation and concept to different countries in Eastern and South-East Europe and to present the actual state of the art in waste-to-energy technologies, the future possibilities of their development, improvement, market-specified optimisation and financing.

The opening of the conference was held by the founders of WtERT Germany - Prof. Dr. Ing. Martin Faulstich, who is also the president of the organisation, and Prof. Dr. Ing. Peter Quicker. Together they greeted over 200 experts and specialists from 15 different countries who attended the conference in Brno or via the live webcam streaming. The dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Brno University of Technology, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rostislav Drochytka, then held the welcome speech. The founder and the chairman of the WtERT head organisation at the Earth Engineering Center of the Columbia University, Prof. Nickolas J. Themelis, explained to the visitors of the conference the global aim of the WtERT organisation, while Michael Jakuttis introduced the main roots and goals of WtERT Germany.

The conference started with a visit to the renewed Brno waste-to-energy plant SAKO Brno that was recently successfully renewed with the help of several funding options. The EU funding of the renewal of the Brno WtE plant was prepared as a Waste Management Brno project and represents a unique (pilot) project in the EU for this kind of investment. The renewal included a complete review and restructuring of the Brno Waste Management. The project lasted for seven years and all the challenges and main changes that occurred during were presented in detail at the visit of the plant, which ended with the sightseeing of the incinerator.

The second day of the conference included helpful topics for a successful implementation of WtE. Within the “Politics, Society and Law” relevant EU legislation for WtE was presented (Dr. Ella Stengler) along with the status of WtE in Europe (Prof. Dr. Thomé-Kozmiensky) and EU funding and implementation possibilities (Vojtěch Doležal). In addition, the main constructor of the renewed SAKO Brno plant, CNIM France, presented their view points of the Brno Waste Management Project (Desire Bendahan).

The “Technology Status and Development Overview” section introduced the state of the art in WtE today (Franz Neubacher), experiences and the reliability of new WtE (Markus Gleis) as well as sludge-to-energy technologies (Stefan Pfister). Furthermore, topics on “Energy and Efficiency” included concrete WtE energy efficient examples, such as the Amsterdam’s vision on the 4th generation of WtE (Marcel van Berlo), synergy of waste fermentation on site of the WtE plant (Werner Bauer), consequences of operating the WtE plants at extreme steam parameters (Bettina Kamuk) and a presentation on the determination of the biogenic fraction of waste (Prof. Dr. Helmut Rechberger).

The status and trends of flue gas cleaning (Rudi Karpf) together with heavy metals behaviour in flue gases (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard W. Vosteen), state of the art NOx reduction (Dr.-Ing. Oliver Gohlke) were presented in the “Emissions and Flue Gas Cleaning” section, which was concluded by a presentation about general WtE emisssions and residues (Dr. Mario Mocker).

The third day of the conference offered an overview of the actual state on WtE in Eastern European countries and the countries of South-East Europe.Country reports on waste management in general and the WtE status and future options included a review of the entire Balkan area (Dr. Efstratios Kalogirou), Poland (Prof. Dr. Gregorz Wielgosinski), Slovenia (Prof. Dr. Viktor Grilc), Croatia (Jasna Kufrin), Serbia (Doc. Dr. Goran Vujić) and Hungary (Gábor Éberhardt). The case of the implementation of another CNIM WtE project in Baku, Azerbaijan was also introduced (André Berthe, Zakir Ibrahimov).

The conference offered a great overview on the real waste management situation in many EU and non-EU countries that are still to implement WtE. It also offered some key information about the organisational and financing options as well as challenges that are head of them and showed what benefits from actual state of the art WtE technologies they can expect.

We would like to thank the main sponsors of the conference, CNIM France and Martin GmbH. Many thanks also to all other sponsors who contributed to the conference: E.ON Energy from Waste, OHL ŽS, IMOS group, Tenza, Sewaco, Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology, Technical University Munich, RWTH Aachen University and ATZ Entwicklungszentrum.

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