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WasteExpo 2016: Presenting Eco-Friendly Odor Mitigation Solutions for Waste Management


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Next week, a wide-range of professionals from government, waste services companies, composting providers, engineering firms, and landfills (and more) will be convening in Las Vegas at the most significant event for the waste management and recycling industry, WasteExpo 2016.

Hosted in conjunction with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA), WasteExpo has become the industry-defining event for advancing innovations, tacking key challenges and networking in this important sector.

OMI Industries is excited to play a key role in bringing the topic of eco-friendly odor control to the forefront of attendees’ minds at the conference.

As we know, all areas of solid waste handling are, by nature, odorous affairs. Everything from municipal sludge to municipal solid waste, landfills, composting and co-composting facilities generate odors that can be offensive to workers and the community at large.

In addition, this is a highly complex industry with multiple waste drops, collections, transfers, and sortings of recyclable and non-recyclable material – which point to many odor-causing locations and situations. Landfills also often encompass many acres and are at the mercy of often-erratic wind patterns that can carry foul odors into neighboring residential areas.

To help meet these expanded odor challenges, we will be showcasing OMI Industries’ innovative Ecosorb® technology at WasteExpo 2016. Our solutions eliminate odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances.

A proprietary blend of plant extracts, Ecosorb® is engineered to seek out and destroy organic and inorganic odors on a molecular level – safely and effectively neutralizing even the most persistent landfill odors.

Dr. Laura Haupert, Director, Research & Development at OMI Industries, discussed this topic in a recent Waste360 article about the rise of eco-friendly odor mitigation solutions for waste management.

“There are solutions (such as Ecosorb®) that use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. These solutions can be dispersed through oscillating fan systems, vaporization, atomization nozzles, and even sprayed on waste being transferred by trucks,” said Haupert in the article.

Being a good neighbor is paramount for any landfill.  “The right odor management solutions can help counter any odor complaints from neighboring residents. Of course, the last thing that any landfill needs is bad publicity as a result of foul odor issues,” added Haupert.

To learn more about our comprehensive, eco-friendly odor mitigation solutions for the waste management sector, please come visit our booth (#4547) at WasteExpo 2016.

See you in Las Vegas!

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