Wastewater treatment process standardised


Source: EnviroChemie GmbH

EnviroChemie has been using tailor-made Envochem systems to produce high-quality solutions for the physico-chemical treatment of wastewater from different industrial sectors for more than 30 years.  
The company has standardised two production series of the Envochem plant group for the international market to ensure that the plants are of consistent high quality and the projects are swiftly implemented. The performance classes achieved range from 3 m³/h to 30 m³/h.  
The standardised Envochem COL L plant is particularly suitable for treating wastewaters from surface technology, the glass industry, industrial processes and solar technology.  
Envochem COL HD plants are suitable for pretreating waters contaminated with chemicals, dyes and paints and for treating special waters.

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