WaStop easily installed to prevent flooded roads in Carolina Beach, USA


Source: Wapro AB

Carolina Beach is a seaside destination in North Carolina, USA, known for its colorful, vintage charm. Climate change affects sea side towns and properties dramatically.  In Carolina Beach the townspeople have dealt with flooded roads caused by high lunar tides for many years.  They were used to the blocked roads, wet pavements, grass killed off by salt water.  All an effect of lunar tides filling the storm water system and catch basins, which eventually overflow onto the streets.  The maintenance crew at Carolina Beach regularly placed ‘Road Blocked’ signs and waited patiently for the tide to recede.  Investing in a permanent solution to this problem was pushed up the priority list.  Solving the problem would save maintenance resources, and effectively allow allocation of those resources to areas where a solution couldn’t be found.  Solving the problem would also increase peace of mind for residents.

We at Wapro know why providing an effective solution is important. In this instance, we recommended an 18” WaStop Inline Check Valve which was installed easily into the existing pipe. Unlike any other check valve available today, Wastop can be mounted horizontally, vertically, on an inlet, outlet, in a chamber, or utilizing flanges making it a simple and safe solution for backflow and flooding problems.

Wapro’s engineers have worked in the field and know that a quick, easy, secure installation is essential.  Carolina Beach could install the WaStop in minutes by simply bolting the WaStop onto the existing headwall.  No construction work, no alterations.

Carolina Beach can focus on being an enjoyable vacation destination without the shadow of potential flooding thanks to WaStop.

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