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WaStop Protects Beautiful Town Square in Rivergaro, Italy


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Rivergaro town square recently underwent renovation to give the townspeople a beautiful place to meet and enjoy the local fare.

The river Trebbia runs close by the square, and has, throughout the course of history, caused numerous floods in the original town square.  During the design phase of the town square the local authorities in Rivergaro promised to develop a system to prevent that the public space becomes inundated during high water levels in the river.  During the most recent flood of September 2015 shops, basements and businesses suffered major flooding due to backflow from the river through the storm water drainage pipes.

To alleviate this problem, it was decided to invest in flood protection.  Four WaStop in sizes from DN600-DN800 were to be installed to protect Piazza Paolo and Meucci areas.  WaStop was the valve of choice given that the valve is closed and protecting the city in is normal state, whilst allowing stormwater to exit the system on demand.

“These installations are a blessing for us, a necessary and important intervention” says the Deputy Mayor Mauro Rai. “We cannot say we are out of danger during floods but now we at least don’t have to worry about the Trebbia River. We created this beautiful square from an aesthetic point of view but also put great emphasis into making it secure, preventing the square from flooding again. The installation of these valves is one of many hidden jobs that are not visible to the public but which are invaluable.”

Shortly after installation the WaStop Inline Check Valves were put to the test, and provided 100% flood protection giving peace of mind to the local authorities, as well as the residents.

Thanks to Euronova for the information surrounding this installation.

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