Water distribution modeling platform for Shanghai


Source: Innovyze

Shanghai Municipal Water Supply Dispatching and Monitoring Centre (SH MWSDMC) has chosen InfoWorks WS as its preferred modeling platform. The selection substantiates MWH Soft\'s global leadership position in geospatial wet infrastructure modeling and management.

Serving over seventeen million people, SH MWSDMC deals with enormous challenges in managing the delivery of adequate water supply. The Centre manages the GIS and SCADA system for the entire Shanghai water network and oversees the transfer of water between four regional water companies.

'We chose the InfoWorks WS solution for its ability to model large networks with speed and efficiency,' said the Centre's Vice Director Mr. Zhao Pingwei. 'I've been familiar with InfoWorks WS for many years, and found it to be the best fit for our needs.'

Around the world, high quality all-mains InfoWorks WS models enable utilities to make informed planning and management decisions with confidence by giving them an accurate view of their water distribution systems' performance. This information - including water quality, supply, demand and infrastructure problems and investigations of remedial measures - allows them to provide a sustainable supply of high quality water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate to commercial, industrial and domestic users while minimizing loss through leakage. As part of the advanced MWH Soft workgroup modeling management platform, InfoWorks WS is built to handle large models and allow robust multi-user collaboration.

The InfoWorks platform offers a complete solution: all the needed tools, simulations and data integration are included in a single application. Building models is simplified by an intuitive user interface and robust GIS integration that maximizes productivity, reduces likelihood of errors and enables users to move swiftly between modeling functions.

InfoWorks WS presents results and reports in a fully interactive interface, allowing users to open any number of maps, tables, profiles and graphs at the same time. Reporting options include maps (with color coding and symbology), contours, customized labeling, tables, graphs, profiles, 3D views, animations, SQL selections, Google Earth exports, stored views, and custom MS Excel reports.

'InfoWorks WS has proven to be the hydraulic modeling package of choice for China's wet infrastructure community,' said MWH Soft Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Justin Hanson. 'The selection by Shanghai further confirms that utilities which invest in MWH Soft technology gain a superior technological advantage that will lead to measurable improvements in productivity, system performance, and customer satisfaction.'

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