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Water is scarce in supply. Its protection starts with accurate monitoring.


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Due to its scarcity, in 2010, the United Nations declared clean water as a basic human right. This right can only be enforced, worldwide, through the strict regulation of water markets and the constant control of quality.

The LAR pre-warning system ToxAlarm continuously monitors drinking and surface water for harmful pollutants. This unique online toxicity analyser contains a highly sensitive bacteria culture, which constantly and independently produces biomass. This means that there is always enough bacteria for each new measurement. The analyser is ready at any time. Moreover, the risk of the test organisms being contaminated is removed, as every water sample is tested with a fresh amount of bacteria. Hence, purchasing or time consuming breeding of test organisms in a laboratory is not necessary anymore.

The LAR ToxAlarm reliably detects harmful substances resulting from industrial discharges. It is suitable for online monitoring as well as for laboratory use.

No more 'should haves, would haves, could haves'. ToxAlarm warns you in good time.

Figure: Online Toximeter ToxAlarm

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