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Water Quality System

Monitoring System "aware" of the quality of industrial water

30/03/2011 -- Let me explain that our basic idea is how better to use the not many typologies (and parameters) of on-line sensors available on market to make low-cost sustainable intelligent monitoring. We all know that the total water quality is related to about fifty of quality measurement analytic parameters, but on-site and in on-line way, it is possible to detect only about ten electro-chemical or ISE (Ion Selective Electrodes) parameters.
So, our technology, based on Artifcial Intelligence tools, is targetted to put together (by clustering in holystic approach) the knowlege base behind the meaning of each water quality parameter in each of possible class of water derivation. In some way, like an evolution (on-line) of National Sanitation Foundation index 'Water Quality Index' (see f.e.:
For example, the expected rates and dynamic values of turbidity, temperature, TDS, DO, ORP,pH, etc., are different between deep and surface water, rather then lake or river, etc..
That mean, to develop contextualized (knowledge based) measurements, not as a mobile analytic laboratory, but a sustainable monitorig system, ables to give us 'early warnings' and the 'Trend' of water quality.
In this way, by using different king of probes available on market (Hydrolab MS5, WTP, etc.), we are able to assemble (as hybrid software/sensor system) smart water quality systems, adding  in the measurement chain (turbidity, temperature, TDS, DO, ORP, pH, etc., ) a 'knowledge embedded device unity' (our value added) as:
a) WQI (on-line Water Quality Index system) for primary water (;
b) WPR (on-line Water Pollution Rate systema) for urban/industrial wastewater.
With availability on market of on-line ISE, we have more possibilities of applications.
For example, we have WDC technology ( to realize on-line intelligent automatic process control system, in denitrification/nitrification wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), and so on, we have a pantented on-line color/sample index detector (ODC -

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