Water & wastewater - excellent performance by design


Core Services

From assessing your project needs to your plant installation and commissioning, we offer to provide our full technical and on-site support services to find your best water and wastewater treatment solution. EEC Europe Ltd / Devise provides the following services:

  • Plant design & engineering
  • Plant manufacture
  • System installation / commissioning
  • Operator training

Our client provides the following services:

  • Install Level concrete base.
  • Complete small civil works.
  • Complete piping and connections.
  • Supply and install balance tank.

Our unique range of plants can service the daily needs of between 200 to 15,000 people. Typical applications include:

  • Camp facilities and remote locations
  • Military camps
  • Research & exploration stations.
  • Small municipalities.
  • Recreation properties.

In addition, our plants can service the daily needs of industrial wastewaters. Typical applications include:

  • Food manufacture / process.
  • Landfill leachate.
  • Hospitals
  • Wineries
  • General industrial wastewaters

to mention just a few of the types of wastewaters we have treated successfully. Plant operating costs are low with low maintenance costs, offering clients excellent value for money.

Environmental Specialists

Our water and wastewater treatment plants are manufactured to the highest possible standards by Devise Engineering S.A. who design, manufacture and supply the plants with state of the art engineering facilities.

Our Biological wastewater treatment plants, MBBR and MBR plants are all engineered to be easily transported to Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa to operate in the harshest of climates. For potable water treatment we offer compact prefabricated plants using high-tech Ultra filtration and conventional technologies to cater for decentralised application, as all our solutions are based on “plug & play” philosophy.

Our engineered solutions have a very small footprint, and require only periodic M & E maintenance inspections, with the operation of the plants being fully automatic, a touch screen control panel is provided. We can also incorporate MBR technology with our MBBR plants to offer the ultimate in water and wastewater treatment solutions called the ‘UltraClear’ plant.

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